The Advanced Open Water Course is designed to enhance development of the principles and skills mastered in the Open Water Course and may be taken immediately after attaining OWD certification.

While not making you an advanced diver you will learn to fine tune techniques and discover more facets of diving culture. You will learn to navigate and dive to greater depths and have options of three other specialist areas such as diving at night, in currents, on wrecks or maybe underwater photography.

Your Instructor will provide you with a full list of available options. This is a very practical course (no exams!) when you will have two exciting days at sea and become more familiar with the submerged inhabitants.

Whichever specialist dive you choose you may count it as a component of Specialty Courses you may wish to take in the future. Once you have attained your OWD Certificate you will want to dive, how much better to take the Advanced OWD course so you increase your knowledge and abilities while diving with the constant support of a PADI Instructor.

AOWD certification will permit you to dive in far more locations than the OWD certificate because of its extended training levels. Junior Advanced Open Water Diver certification is available for 10-14 year olds with appropriate depth levels.

The Advanced Open Water course gives your instructor a lot of flexibility. With most of our students the first dive of the course will be the Peak Performance Buoyance dive as it allowes your instructor to see your skills as a diver and allows us to continue to advance your diving skills straight away.

Also mandatory to complete the course is deep diving as well as the underwater navigation Adventure Dive. Most of our students also coose to do a night dive but this is optional and together with your instructor you can choose the remaining dives you would like to do.

Requirements: Certified as (Junior) Open Water Diver (or equivalent with another training agency such as NDL, SSI etc.) and at least 12 years old.