This is the first post of the new blog of the new diving center on the island of Koh Rong. Dive College Koh Rong opened 02.02.2020, time will tell, of course, but in general it seems to me that this is a good date to start.

Diving in Cambodia is not as popular as in Thailand, for example, and certainly Koh Rong dive sites cannot compete with such famous Cambodia attractions as Angkor temples and Phnom Penh hostess bars, but this is just some annoying oversight. Yes, there are not so many dive sites and not so many dive centers in Cambodia, but if you come to Cambodia to see the temples and then continue your vacation on the beautiful islands off the southern coast of our kingdom, it’s definitely worth including a couple of days of diving in your plan if you are already a certified diver, or do a test dive if you are not yet the proud owner of a diving certificate. You might even think about taking a diving course – a small group and a very attentive instructor are guaranteed!

A few words about the diving centers of Cambodia. Currently there are ten of them, all located on the islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. I’m not afraid to exaggerate – only real enthusiasts of scuba work in these dive centers, others do not survive here, because it is damn difficult to organize the work of the dive center here. Imagine every liter of diesel fuel, every spare part of diving equipment or compressor must be brought from the mainland, from Sihanoukville. And in case of a serious breakdown – from Phnom Penh, in especially difficult cases – from Thailand.

Maintenance and inspection of cylinders, compressors, repair of ships, equipment and premises of dive centers, all the routine work of the dive center, which is quite difficult anywhere in the world, turns into something similar to the exploits of Hercules in our area, because there is nothing on the islands that available in other popular diving places or even just in normal cities. There are no service centers, no workshops, no equipment stores … No, I’m not complaining, I just want to emphasize that the small multinational community of Cambodian professional divers, working in rather difficult conditions, provides high-quality services for organizing fun dives, experience program for beginners, diving courses PADI, NDL and SSI. You may not believe it, but you can even take technical diving courses.

Against this background, it’s rather strange to hear from some tourists on the island: – “No, I will not dive here. After Cambodia I’m going to the Philippines, there I’m diving. ”… The Philippines, of course, is not a bad place, but it’s wrong to say that our islands are not worth a dive. Believe me, there is also something to see here.

This blog will be dedicated to diving in Cambodia, as you might guess. In the ten years spent here, I have learned quite a lot about this subject. Stay with us, soon you will find out a lot of interesting things about the whale sharks of Koh Prince Island, the historical past and the seething present of Koh Tang Island, the hard-to-reach and almost unknown Condor Reef, about the 15th century Portuguese ship known as “pot-wreck”, about the abandoned abode disgraced Russian oligarch on the island of Koh Damblong.

You will find out who and how found Burma Maru, a Japanese cargo ship sunk by an American submarine Swordfish in 1942 … You can even find out what the waters of the sacred lake Beung Yeak Laom in Rattankiri Province hide, but this is for the most advanced. And many other interesting things.

And so we begin…