The course is designed to teach the knowledge and skills necessary when planning and conducting dives up to 40 meters.

You will receive the PADI Deep Diver manual, fill in knowledge review questions and do a little bit of theory first. Afterwards you will do a total of 4 dives over at least 2 days time together with your instructor.

Obviously we will not push you in at the deep and and start with a dive not too deep but until the end of the course we are allowed to take you to a maximum depth of 40 meters.

As most of our dive sites in Cambodia are quite shallow, this course is best being taught in combination with a trip to the far out islands such as Koh Tang and or Koh Prins. If we conduct the course around Koh Rong Sanloem island we would most likely need to schedule your dives being done from a private boat to be able to reach the depth needed.

Requirements: Certified as PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent with another training agency such as NDL, SSI etc.) and at least 15 years old.