What is so interesting about the names of dive sites? There is nothing particularly strange, but, as I noted in the last post, it’s not easy. One and the same dive site can be called differently in different dive centers. You can see here:

And here

I know only these two variants of names, maybe there are others. I recognized these proud names when I first arrived in Cambodia. One option was used in the scuba diving center, the other in the Dive Shop Cambodia. I don’t know the history of the names. For some reason, Sponge Garden and Nudibranch Heaven are the only dive sites matching geographically and by name. Unfortunately, I also can’t say for sure what this is connected with, one can only guess. Such a variety of names does not particularly interfere, but gives additional specificity to diving in Cambodia.

Dear blog readers, based on the foregoing, we can conclude that you have a good chance – come to Cambodia, open a new dive center and give your names to dive sites, it will be even more interesting, three options are always better than two.

Well, and if we look at the map anyway, I’ll say a few words about who dives where. The most popular dive sites are crowded around the small island of Koh Kon, located next to Mpei Bay. There you can see the dives of all the dive centers that I mentioned earlier, except for Palm Beach Dive Center. This dive center is located closer to the northern tip of Koh Rong, it is too far to go from Palm Beach to Koh Kon, their boat go to dive spots around Pineapple Island on the north of Koh Rong.

It is clear that diving centers from the Koh Sdach archipelago also rarely visit these spots … never, to be precise.

The rest are all here, Scuba Nation, Dive Shop, Koch Rong Dive Center, Dive College Koh Rong… of course, dive centers from Mpei Bay. As the saying goes, “… all the flags will be visiting us …”

This is a meeting place for everyone, so to speak. But, for example, we and the Koh Rong Dive Center never make day trips to dive sites south of Monkey cave or on the east side of Koh Rong Samloem. In turn, Dive Shop and Scuba Nation never dive on the sites of Koch Rong. These dive sites are not on the map, but they are very good … Small island, Khmer garden, Buddha reef. Dive centers from Mpei Bay, as a rule, dive only around the island of Koh Kon.

You can go to the distant islands with Dive Shop, Scuba Nation, Koch Rong Dive Center and Dive College Koh Rong . Scuba Nation, Dive Shop and Dive College can organize overnight trips.