Divemaster Certification is the entry level to the Professional Family. Divemasters are at the heart and sole of diving, they organize, conduct and supervise ‘fun divers’ from shore or boat and are responsible for guiding, showing things of interest and the safety of their divers. Divemasters are also qualified to assist Instructors conducting training courses.

Divemasters make diving happen! To enroll on the course you need to hold AOW and Rescue Diver certification (or equivalent issued by other diving agency), current CPR certificate, be 18 years of age and hold a medical certificate of fitness to dive. Have proof of 40 logged dives and complete 60 dives prior to final certification including night, deep and underwater navigation. The course includes detailed academic study, practice and ability to display to demonstration standard, in confined water, all basic dive skills and in open water show ability to control, supervise and ensure safety and comfort of others.

A Divemaster requires Professionalism, Knowledge and Role Model Behaviour.

Requirements: Being a responsible person always applying safe diving practices and caring for the environment, certified as Rescue Diver (or equivalent with another training agency such as NDL, SSI etc.), have at least 40 logged dives (60 when completing the training) and be at least 18 years old.