The Tec 50 subcourse of the DSAT Tec Diver course introduces Tec 45 divers to the first stages of full technical deep decompression diving. Certified Tec 50 divers are qualified to make multistop decompression dives using air, EANx and oxygen with up to two gases for accelerated decompression.

The Tec 45 student diver must come to the course with a strong knowledge and skill base. The Tec 50 course extends these, expanding existing skills and with an added emphasis on mission planning and execution. The Tec 50 course consists of two knowledge development sections, three practical applications sessions and four training dives.

Participant prerequisites: Certified as a Tec 45 diver or qualifying certification from another training organization. For the purposes of this level, a qualifying technical certification is one that qualifies the student to make decompression dives to 45 metres/145 feet using air, EANx and oxygen using open circuit scuba equipment. 18 years old, 100 logged dives (20 deeper than 18 metres/60 feet using EANx, at least 15 deeper than 30 metres/100 feet (with or without EANx).