This course is based on the Internationally recognized ILCOR standards in accordance with up to date requirements for assisting people in need. The course is required to start with the Rescue Diver course but is not aimed specifically at divers and may be taken by anyone wishing to obtain the knowledge and skills to render response to requiring it. It is of use to companies, where it is obligatory to have qualified staff, to teachers, parents, sports instructors, youth leaders etc.and, of course, divers.

It will just take one day to complete this course but it will give you confidence to help others in need. Together with your instructor you will the skills needed to help others in an accident or medical emergency. At the end of the day we will have some role play scenarios going on around our classroom and you are the one to put the skills learned into action and help as good as you can.

Requirements: At least 10 years old and motivated to help others in need.