Work even further on a good trim and buoyancy in a one-on-one course to get theb est out of your diving skills and equipment configuration.

The NDL Advanced Professional Buoyancy Diver qualification allows you to:

  • Make a more efficient use of the air when descended.
  • Get less tired during the dive.
  • Feel more confident underwater.
  • More successfully engage in specialized forms of diving (photo and video shooting, research of objects, navigation,
  • etc.).
  • Keep the environment intact.
  • Increase the safety of the scuba diver.
  • Protect the equipment integrity.
  • Move up the NDL ladder; obtain qualifications that are more complex.

Requirements: Certified as NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver (or equivalent with another training agency such as PADI, SSI etc.) and at least 10 years old.