The Rescue Diver Course – definitely the Instructors’ favourite – is a demanding, self analyzing, energetic and great fun course. This will make you think and prepare you to act! You will increase your awareness of safety issues and be able to act to prevent accidents and have the ability to deal with any problems that may arise.

A very entertaining course making diving safer for you and others. Before certification you will need to hold a valid CPR (Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resuscitation) qualification issued by an accredited authority. If you don’t hold one your Instructor is qualified to teach the Emergency First Response Course. Junior Rescue Diver certification is available for 12-14 year olds.

What to expect on your Rescue Diver Course with Koh Rong Dive College

Day 1 – On the first day of the course we will start with some theory lessons in our classroom. It is up to your instructor and your learning if we do theory the whole day or possibly split up the theory a bit and start with the courses first skill practise already.

Day 2 – On the second day you will definately spend a lot of time in the water, working on mastery of the 10 skills which you will learn during the course.

Day 3 – Possibly on the last day of the course the real fun will start – we will do scenario practise and you can be sure that a lot of things will go wrong along our diving day and you are the one who must take responsibility, apply the skills you have learned and make the best out of each situation.

Requirements: Certified as (Junior) Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent with another training agency such as NDL, SSI etc.) and at least 12 years old.