Learn to dive with up to two tanks mounted on each side of the diver instead of the back. Diving in the sidemount configuration gives you various advantages; not only are you carrying two tanks instead of one which gives you twice as much breathing gas, also it is possible to don the tanks when in the water already which is a huge advantage for divers suffering from back problems.

When being a very advanced diver the sidemount configuration also allows you the penetration of much smaller holes when diving in wracks, caves or caverns.

During the course you will do one shallow dive in confined water just off the beach to get used to the sidemount equipment, procedures and skills in an easy environment. Afterwards we would do another 3 dives at our open water dive sites.

Requirements: Certified as Open Water Diver (or equivalent with another training agency such as NDL, SSI etc.) and at least 15 years old.